Why Black & White?

Black and white photography is about duality: there is only light and dark. Nothing else.

This duality reflects the inherent duality of all of existence.

Polarity is fundamental to all phenomena.

I see this duality everywhere and it obsesses me: pain/joy, sad/happy, true/false. Everything exists somewhere between two opposite poles.

I am a monist, I believe that only one thing exists (although it’s not really a ‘thing’ but rather a ‘process’). This one process is reality itself, god, nature, existence…etc etc.

When the one universal divine process recognizes itself as existing, that is the introduction of duality. Now there is not just one thing, but two: existence and awareness of existence. This is the root of all duality.

If reality had no awareness of its own existence, it would not exist. So while in one sense this dual pole of opposites is existence/non-existence, it is more precise to say it is awareness of existence/non-awareness of existence.

Without awareness there is nothing.

This introduces the most important fact about reality: consciousness, self-awareness, emotion, the feeling of existing.