everything is full of gods


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A native of the Pacific Northwest, Rodrigo studied mathematics before discovering his love for philosophy and, eventually, photography.

An avid reader and student of philosophy, Rodrigo derives much of his inspiration from the works of the ancient Stoics and Epicureans. His work focuses on the flow of time, change, impermanence, life/death, and tranquility.

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Awards, Press, Exhibitions


2018 International Photography Awards: Honorable Mention x4 in the Professional Fine Art category

2018 Photo Independent

BERLINBLUE art gallery: Group Exhibition, 2018, Berlin Germany

2018 Tokyo Foto Awards: Honorable Mention

2018 Black & White Spider Awards: Nominee

Nothing is Random 

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Everything Flows: Rain-forest Stream

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The Flow of Time 

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Wonder is the Beginning of Wisdom 

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Lost in the Mist

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All Reality is One in Substance 

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 Everything Flows

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How Swiftly Everything Disappears 

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The Radiance of Divine Darkness 

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