Only the Flow Exists

Absolutely everything you have ever seen or experienced is fundamentally the same. Only one thing truly exists, and it’s not a ‘thing’ but rather a process. Time is an integral part of existence, you cannot say anything about reality without reference to some span of time.

This one universal process we call reality, nature, the universe, god, etc. It is the only thing that exists. Everything else you see is a smaller process within that universal process.

Every planet, star, rock, animal, atom, photon is nothing but a sub-process formed temporarily within the larger process.

There are no borders or boundaries between anything

Everything flows into everything else. There are no boundaries or borders anywhere in nature.

What is the boundary between you and the rest of the world?

Is it the outer layer of your skin? By the time you finish this sentence, a few skin cells will have fallen off. Are those cells still ‘you’ or are they part of the outside world? At which moment precisely did they become part of the outside world?

What about the food that is digesting in your stomach or the air in your lungs? Is that part of ‘you’ or the outside world? At which precise moment do molecules of air that move into your blood stream become part of ‘you’?

What about the food you will soon eat? There is food growing now somewhere far away that you will eat in one month, that you will break down and use to build cells inside your body. At which moment do those molecules become ‘you’? The cells of your body are constantly dying and you constantly rebuild them with the flow of matter you ingest. Without that flow, you would cease to exist.

When you look at stars, you interact with photons that left millions and millions of years ago and traveled through the universe to strike atoms in your eye right now. Your eyes absorb those photons, which cause an energetic change in certain atoms in your eye, which starts a cascade of electro-chemical signals that enables you to ‘see’. What happens to those photons? Are they now part of ‘you’? Some of those photons will reflect off your skin, some will be absorbed.

So where is the boundary between you and the rest of the universe?

There simply is none.

You are a flow, just like everything else

Everything is a flow. Flows of water, flows of light, flows of matter. It’s all the same. You are a temporary form, created from the flowing stuff of the universe, taking on a particular shape in time, for a brief span of time, before the flow changes, your body breaks down, and the reality you are made of rejoins the universal reality.

When you are confront the true nature of reality, what can you do but be struck with awe and wonder?

Rodrigo Etcheto