Some think that the soul pervades the whole universe, whence perhaps came Thales’s view that everything is full of gods
— Aristotle

A native of the Pacific Northwest, Rodrigo studied mathematics before discovering his love for philosophy and, eventually, photography.

Taking to heart the ancient Greco-Roman view that philosophy was a way of life and not simply theoretical ideas, he began excursions into the forests, mountains and coast as exercises in philosophical contemplation.

It was during his long meditations surrounded by the beauty of the forests and coastline that he discovered the potential of photography as a method of communication at times more powerful than the written word.

As an adherent of the Stoics, he practices the Stoic technique of writing and the contemplation of nature as spiritual exercises.

An avid reader and student of philosophy, Rodrigo derives much of his inspiration from the works of the ancient Stoics and Epicureans. His work focuses on the flow of time, change, impermanence, life/death, and tranquility.

As a father of three young children, watching their young minds develop right before his eyes, he has a daily reminder of the incredibly rapid flow of time and the incessant change that continuously propels us forward. Rodrigo lives and works in Olympia, WA.

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2018 International Photography Awards: Honorable Mention x4 in the Professional Fine Art category

When Antisthenes was asked what profit he had derived from philosophy he replied: ‘The ability to converse with myself’
— Diogenes Laertius

My Book

Over the course of many years, I wrote a book on philosophy heavily illustrated with my photographs. It was the act of writing this book that turned me to photography. I spent a long time taking long meditative walks, which is where I discovered the power of photography to communicate ideas.

Published by Panta Rhei Press, you can find it on Amazon here